Success Stories

  • Dog: Finn
  • Adopter: The Spen Family
  • Location: Hopkinton, MA
  • Adopted From: Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton, Inc.

Meet Finn (aka Finnegan Begin Again). After Finn’s family could no longer keep him because they were moving, he was surrendered to a South Carolina shelter. He was transported to Massachusetts and that’s when his new family was matched with him on How I Met My Dog.

“Finn is the most gentle and loving creature. He fits our family like a glove and it feels like he’s been here forever. He has a great sense of humor, loves to snuggle and adores our other dog Stella. We can’t imagine a better match for our family and it’s all thanks to How I Met My Dog and their in-depth, interesting and engaging survey that calculated our personality, expectations and lifestyle to a tee.”

Love and licks to Finn and his new family.

  • Dog: Thor
  • Adopter: Ravezzi Family
  • Location: Uxbridge, MA
  • Adopted From: Pawfect Life Rescue

Thor is the newest member of the Ravezzi family. His new mom says, “Thor is the perfect match for our family. How I Met My Dog was really helpful because it took the guesswork out of the process. I truly felt their survey put them in another league.”

Love and licks to Thor and his new family.

  • Dog: Harvey
  • Adopter: The Lopez Family
  • Location: Uxbridge, MA
  • Adopted From: Pawfect Life Rescue

When the Lopez family lost their 13 year old dog in December, the time seemed right to begin the search for a new dog.

Harvey’s new mom says:

“What I hadn’t realized was how many dogs were out there for the rescuing! It was pretty overwhelming so it seemed that a matching service might be a reasonable and helpful way to narrow the search.

I found the How I Met My Dog survey interesting and useful. Being asked to reflect on one’s values, expectations, personality and training style made sense in thinking about what dog might best fit. I had several matches right away, and found those even more clarifying.

Harvey and Lola are such a great match—I am amazed and grateful!

It feels like he’s always been here and we are totally smitten!”

Love and licks to Harvey and his new family.

  • Dog: Milo
  • Adopter: The Kent Family
  • Location: Cape Cod, MA
  • Adopted From: Rehomer

“Six weeks ago we had to put our beloved 14 year old Carleigh (a Kerry Blue Terrier) down. Even though she was gone we missed her terribly and “saw” her throughout the house.

Then, we heard about How I Met My Dog, a new web service that custom matches adopters with the right dog, based on behavior and lifestyle. We entered our information and got a match!

Even though How I Met My Dog does not ask about breed, our match was a 1½ year old Kerry Blue Terrier, named Milo, who needed to be rehomed because he did not get along with his canine sister. The match felt like it was meant to be.

Milo has been with us for two weeks and has completely settled in. He fits perfectly in our lifestyle—clearly How I Met My Dog was instrumental in that. He will always love his first mom. She raised him and then made an incredible sacrifice of putting him first. She has made both Milo and our family happy. Milo truly is the perfect dog for our family.

We can’t thank How I Met My Dog enough for creating a platform that exemplifies the most meaningful way for people and dogs to find each other.”

Love and licks to Milo, his new family and his first mom.

  • Dog: Wrangler
  • Adopter: The Ostheimer Family
  • Location: Uxbridge, MA
  • Adopted From: Pawfect Life

“After our wonderful black lab, Jake died two years ago we talked about getting another dog to keep seven year old, Jenny, company. We had been a two-dog family for years. It felt like something, someone was missing. Should we get a puppy? Our niece worked at an animal shelter. Should we ask her to help? But it wasn’t until I read the article in the Boston Globe on February 4, 2017, “Where Dog Lovers Go To Meet Their Match,” that I knew that’s where we’d find our new family member. And we did. We were matched with Wrangler.

The website was easy to use. The descriptions of the dogs were complete, the pictures, telling. Information about cats, other dogs, riding in a car, security issues—all invaluable, and pictures showing snuggling and sharing were important to see. The questions were extensive, thoughtful and interesting. It was actually fun to fill out.

We feel blessed to have been matched with such a special, loving, intelligent dog.”

Love and licks to Wrangler and his new family.

  • Dog: Roscoe
  • Adopter: The Fredette Family
  • Location: Uxbridge, MA
  • Adopted From: Pawfect Life

“My husband Jamie and I owned a dog, named Kalli—she passed away six years ago. Our two (non-furry) children have been begging for another dog for years, but Jamie and I just didn’t know if/when we would ever be ready. This past summer, we finally agreed that we could slowly start researching different breeds of dogs to find the “perfect” one for our family (we thought that made sense at the time).

We knew we wanted to try to adopt a dog vs. go through a breeder. We didn’t care if the dog had hair/fur—we just wanted him to "fit" with our family.

I was reading the paper one Sunday morning when I saw an article about a new site that was Beta testing in New England. I read the article and thought this is EXACTLY what we need—we are going to find our dog using this How I Met My Dog site.

I filled out the online survey detailing our preferences/tendencies/expectations about everything related to owning/training/loving a dog, and immediately felt a sense of accomplishment and peace. I knew that we were being clear about what we wanted- and now this site was going to narrow down the field/find some dogs for us to choose from that felt the exact same way.

It was so exciting when our matches started coming through- the descriptions of the dogs were detailed and definitely "matched" our specifications. We got some great matches and one of them was Roscoe!

We officially adopted Roscoe almost two weeks ago—and it feels like he has always been a part of our family. He is the friendliest, smartest, cutest, BEST puppy in the world (we might be a little biased)—and we wouldn’t have found him without the How I Met My Dog site. Thank you!”

Love and licks to Roscoe and his new family.

  • Dog: Abby
  • Adopter: Caitlin McCann and Michael Gladstone
  • Location: Uxbridge, MA
  • Adopted From: Pawfect Life

"My fiance, Michael, and I had been thinking about adopting a dog for a long time. When we finally decided it was the right time for us to take on the responsibility of a puppy, I began seeking out various rescues for the perfect pup.

We actually came across an ad for How I Met My Dog in the newspaper, and I loved the concept of matching dogs to fit our lifestyle. I filled out the questionnaire, and over the next couple months, dogs that were matched with us were sent to my inbox.

When we saw Abby (fka Aurora), we knew she was the one! We applied, and were connected with Pawfect Life Rescue. We met Abby and immediately fell in love with her playful personality. We now have an amazing dog who is loving her daily long walks and cuddling up to us on the couch at night. How I Met My Dog helped us find the perfect addition to our family!"

-Caitlin McCann and Michael Gladstone

Love and Licks to Abby and her new family!

  • Dog: Kokomo
  • Adopter: The Mazzuchi Family
  • Location: Uxbridge, MA
  • Adopted From: Pawfect Life

Kokomo’s story from Pawfect Life Rescue:

"This Mississippi boy had been struck by a car and left wrapped around a median on a bridge. He was rescued by Amy Manning and vetted and sent North in February. This boys gate was off and was found to have had a broken pelvis from the accident. The Mazzuchi family who had been interested in adopting "Koko" offered to foster him and provide any exercise or rehabilitation he may need.

Yesterday we met back up at the Sutton Animal Hospital for a recheck with Dr Ober. And what did we find? That Koko has gained 6 lbs - a whopping 10% of his body weight - in pure muscle!! His hind end is stronger and his gate is better and he sits perfectly and he runs....he loves to run!!

This is an amazing story of love and dedication that one awesome family shares with a Pawfect pup. They cared enough to help work with a special boy who needed them most and now the bond they share and the life they live has surpassed all obstacles!!"

Kokomo’s new family says:

"We couldn't be happier with Kokomo, and I think he is pretty happy too! The How I Met My Dog questionnaire led us to the wonderful team at Pawfect Pet Rescue, who we would not have otherwise been aware of and it has been a dream to work with Julie, Lindsey, and their local vet network."

Sending so much love and tons of licks to Kokomo and the Mazzuchi family!

  • Dog: Bacon
  • Adopter: The Grimes Family
  • Location: Hopkinton, MA
  • Adopted From: Brown Dog Coalition

"We found the How I Met My Dog website through an article in the Boston Globe in February and immediately enrolled to find a family dog. The layout and design of the site is superior to the other on-line animal adoption sites currently available. We found the completeness of the dog profiles and the psychological matching of the dog and potential adopter helpful, and the shelter’s staff extremely knowledgeable.

Bacon is a warm and friendly dog who is adjusting well to our family, which includes two cats. However, he will be enrolled in a dog training program next month to learn to sit, stay and come, with our love and support."

-The Grimes Family

A huge shout out to Brown Dog Coalition for partnering with How I Met My Dog to help find Bacon his forever family.

Love and licks to Bacon and his new family!

  • Dog: Izzy
  • Adopter: Jamie & Chris
  • Location: Hopkinton, MA
  • Adopted From: Brown Dog Coalition

"My husband and I had always talked about adopting and there was no other option for me other than rescuing a dog. One morning I started to search for rescues and stumbled upon How I Met My Dog. I thought what a great idea! I filled out the survey and our first match was Izzy! She was exactly what we were looking for, small-medium and around a year old, with some other specifics. The site made it super easy to match us with a dog that would match our personality. We enjoyed working with the adoption agency, Brown Dog Coalition after I applied for Izzy.

We've only had her for a few days but we are so in love! It really made searching for a dog that would work with us much easier! If I hadn't used HIMMD we probably would have just randomly searched for months before finding a dog! Thanks!"

-Jaime & Chris

Love and Licks to Izzy and her new family!

  • Dog: Lena
  • Adopter: The Lawler Family
  • Location: Hopkinton, MA
  • Adopted From: Brown Dog Coalition

"If it wasn't for I never would have found my perfect puppy, Lena. I was on Facebook one day when I saw How I met my dog as an advertisement. I clicked on it not thinking too much about it... I filled out a quick but thorough survey, and then I was matched with 12 dogs! It was super easy and efficient.

One day, I got an email about a new match named "meelena" I saw her picture and fell in love. I knew I had to have her! As soon as I could, I applied for her through How I met my dog and I received an email from her Rescue home the next day. It was like it was meant to be! Without HIMMD I would have never connected with Lena, or the amazing organization of Pawfect Life Rescue​. The website was fantastic and I am so glad I stumbled upon the ad on social media.

All I can say is thank you! She has truly blessed our lives. I can only hope more people go through this wonderful website and adopt more precious dogs who need loving homes!"

-The Lawlor Family

Love and Licks to Lena and her new family!!